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No. w0001 Engineering or Product WIND TOWER
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Wind is irregular. It can blow from any direction¸ at any strength. 
This Systems research was based on how to collect efficiently this irregular 
souce of energy. The answer is a system that collects wind from every 
direction¸ anytime aThe Wind Tower is hexagonal and can collect wind from any 
of its six faces¸ at any height¸ at any speed. Once inside the Wind Tower¸ 
collected wind is compressed and accelerated through the installation. .
Nd at any speed (wind tunnel theory)..

A new efficient way to capture wind gave birth to a new energy source.

This system has received an assessment report 
from Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization on the
[WIND TUNNEL Power Generation System].
The report has given the core technology 
three straight A⁏s in all three 
categories-patentability¸ inventiveness and commercial feasibility.
For more information¸ see "Going global with PCT application"