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This MY-JAPAN web site is operated by Global Inter Communication Support Association (GISA), a specified nonprofit corporation.

The time is ripe for Japan to spread the word throughout the globe about its untapped engineering expertise for conservation of the global environment and realization of a sustainable society. Since as far back as the Edo period (1603-1868), the Japanese manufacturing sector has given birth to a number of SMEs that possess the world's leading energy conservation and recycling technologies, which were inspired by the country's unique concept of"Mottainai" (similar to the idea of "waste not, want not").
With some people predicting that the natural resources of our planet will be on the verge of depletion by 2030, Japanese manufacturers can make their presence felt in the global community by making their energy-conserving and eco-friendly (for recycling in diverse industries) technologies available to realize a sustainable society. Now is the time for them to communicate their immense potential. Unfortunately, the fact is that not many Japanese manufacturers have the courage to brave the "uncharted waters" outside of their own country or to efficiently publicize their topnotch technological prowess around the world.
As the world becomes increasingly environment-conscious, energy-conserving products and environmental technologies are being produced one after the other; however, we have yet to see any sign of our environmental problems being resolved.
  • * Some Japanese companies have energy conservation technology at the world's highest level
  • * Some Japanese companies have Wind power generation and photovoltaic generation facilities
    at the world's highest level
  • * Some Japanese companies pursues development of photovoltaic generation facilities
    at the world's highest level

There is no guarantee that such a large stock of premier environmental and energy conservation technologies and products from Japan will be put to full use outside the country. What makes Japan so special in this regard is its collective strength, which allows it to optimally combine various technologies from different enterprises in order to offer solutions. Merely exporting eco-friendly products and technologies individually may not help to resolve the mountain of environmental problems and the issue of energy depletion.

As the global environment stands on the brink of destruction, we believe that to offer solutions, technological or otherwise, it is also important to suggest lifestyles that are designed to realize a sustainable society.

Examples of our lifestyle suggestions for realizing a sustainable society

ex.1.A society that clocks in and out according to the sun

Both the Earth and human beings act in time with the rise and setting of the sun, and Mother Nature has evolved with the sun. After all, nature's rhythm is essentially the rhythm of the sun. An increasing number of people are realizing that living according to nature's rhythm is not only easy on the mind and the body, but also makes better economic sense. Meanwhile, while the population ages and declines, electricity, water, and other living costs are rising as incomes are decreasing, with the result that more and more people go to bed earlier so that they can turn off the lights. Humans live on a "solar clock," which runs according to the sunrise and sunset. In the morning, people wake up to the dazzling light of the sun when they sleep in beds in their backyards. Thanks to the decreased population and more time spent outdoors , there is more land and people can afford housing with spacious yards that are large enough to protect their privacy. People cook, eat, and enjoy conversations in their gardens, and the boundary between their rooms and the outdoors is disappearing, with the result that more and more people are sleeping peacefully in their own backyards.
Technologies and solutions necessary to realize such a lifestyle:
⇒A power generation system and storage battery technology for storing power generated by daylight

ex.2.Enjoying the darkness at night

As electric rates soar due to the shortage of energy sources, people turn off their lights at night as much as possible. Even so, the faint light of lamps coated by light storage paint that have absorbed sunlight during the daytime illuminates the area. Since they are not as glaring as electric blubs, we can clearly see the arching night sky above and sleep under a firmament full of stars.
Technologies and solutions necessary to realize such a lifestyle:
⇒Light storage paint capable of storing sufficient sunlight during the daytime

ex.3."Could you lend us some electricity?" - A society where neighbors help each other

Up until recently, the trend had been for Japanese people to give up living in row houses in a bid to free themselves from the shackles of the world, and to move into condominiums to protect their privacy. As a result, community bonds have rapidly disappeared. However, we now live in a society where people share the vital necessity of energy while wanting to maintain their privacy; thus, "community shared batteries" have come into being, which make it possible for each household to generate electric energy by using solar panels and mini wind power generators. Any electric power left unused while dwellers are not at home is stored in the community shared batteries.
Technologies and solutions necessary to realize such a lifestyle:
⇒Highly efficient, compact wind power generation system that makes it possible to use a small amount of wind to generate the amount of electric power necessary to meet the minimum requirements of each household

Greetings from Shunsuke Okashita, Director of
GISA(Global Inter Communication Support Association)

Up until 2008, I was running an Internet-based company that introduced to the world Japanese traditional handicrafts and techniques, mostly Japanese swords and other martial arts gear, in addition to Japanese kitchen knives and Kyoto-style printed silks, and also offered support for sales channel development. However, my luck turned against me two years ago when I suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage in November 2008, which paralyzed the left side of my body. There was no way that I could continue with my business as it was, and so I was forced to discontinue my work. Even so, I did not want to spend the rest of my life completely crippled, only being assisted by others. Despite my hardships, I wanted to offer my services to society in whatever way I could. After thinking about what I might be able to do with my able right hand, I decided to use my typing skills to perform web programming and create a database introducing environmental technology, which I hoped would be of some use in the struggle against global environmental issues.

began with a Japanese web site that included a database dedicated to environmental technology for Japanese people. I then hit upon the idea of rebuilding the English web site of my now defunct company for introducing / selling traditional handicrafts to overseas customers, so that I could introduce Japan's environmental and energy-saving technologies to the world and help Japanese manufacturers to find sales channels outside of the country. After I finished remaking that site in February 2010, I was able to gain the full support of an old friend with an engineering background, and decided to fully launch the project.