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This web site has been launched to introduce to the world Japanese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that possess state-of-the-art environmental and energy conservation technologies, along with their products and technological assets, and to support their efforts in business matching. Many Japanese SMEs boast excellent technology, but often hesitate to make inroads into other countries or to expand their sales channels onto foreign soil. Our goal is to inform people the world over about the "hidden gems" of such technology-oriented Japanese SMEs, and to help them to discover excellent business partners.
With some people predicting that the natural resources of our planet will be on the verge of depletion by 2030, Japanese manufacturers can make their presence felt in the global community by making their energy-conserving and eco-friendly (for recycling in diverse industries) technologies available to realize a sustainable society. Now is the time for them to communicate their immense potential. Unfortunately, the fact is that not many Japanese manufacturers have the courage to brave the "uncharted waters" outside of their own country or to efficiently publicize their topnotch technological prowess around the world.
As the world becomes increasingly environment-conscious, energy-conserving products and environmental technologies are being produced one after the other; however, we have yet to see any sign of our environmental problems being resolved. Instead, we believe that it is important to offer solutions to the world that integrate technologies and products developed and manufactured in Japan. To this end, we here at GISA support the steps and methods for drawing out such solutions
As the global environment stands on the brink of destruction, we believe that to offer solutions, technological or otherwise, it is also important to suggest lifestyles that are designed to realize a sustainable society.

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NEW Technology

The World's First WIND TOWER Power Generation:ZENA System's innovation.
Wind is irregular. It can blow from any direction, at any strength.
Zena System's research was based on how to collect efficiently this irregular souce of energy. .
The answer is a system that collects wind from every direction, anytime and at any speed (wind tunnel theory)..
The Wind Tower is hexagonal and can collect wind from any of its six faces, at any height, at any speed. Once inside the Wind Tower, collected wind is compressed and accelerated.
through the installation. A new efficient way to capture wind gave birth to a new energy source.